DC Universe Online League


Play your way, Your Pace. Enjoy our Community!

About Us

We are a friendly league. We appreciate the simple rules. We encourage you to play your way, at your pace.

Servers: US - PC/PS4

Hero league - Heroic Gods

Villain league - Mischievous Gods

Universal Custom Chat


League Ranks

This league sorts members by in game Combat Rating. This is a list of minimum requirements for said league ranks. New members have a 5 day probation period before rank up.

Deity - (Closed)

Archangel - (Closed)

Angel - PVE 276 CR

Celestial - 250 CR

Divine - 200 CR

Immortal - 150 CR

Demigod - 100 CR

Mortal - 50 CR

Spirit - 0 CR

League Rewards

There is a reward system for our players. It works by your own personal lifetime prestige, the more you help the league, the more you will be rewarded.

  1. 50,000 LTP  - Bank 2
  2. Every 100,000 LTP  - Bank 3
  3. 500,000 LTP  - Bank 4

  • One Item Per Reward
  • LTP = Lifetime Prestige 

Please make sure to contact a Deity once you earned enough Lifetime Prestige for your reward. You are responsible for watching your Lifetime Prestige.

How to find your lifetime prestige. 

1. Goto League Management Tab  

2. Goto Roster  

3. Find your name, and click it.  

4. Look for Lifetime Prestige Contributed 


  1. NeoN
  2. BatGod666
  3. ReddOnyx
  4. Mors Pluviam
  5. Valetinesweetheart 


  1. Fresco Jester
  2. xDaBlackArrowx
  3. Sage Greenbush
  4. Crazydangerous
  6. Xevzin

League Hall Tour

Check out this video about our league hall!

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